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auteur: [dalova]
date: [24-07-2011 18:18:05]

La team solomid va effectuer des streams exclusifs, entre le 23 juillet et le 5 aout, avec au programme :

- passage en revue de tous les champions avec les runes et builds

- tutos sur comment up son elo (low et high)

et plein d'autres trucs :

Chaox - July 23-25 - Playing every champion once, analyze runes/masteries/abilities - Start streaming at 2PM PST each day. Chaox will be going through each and every champion once and doing live commentary on each champion. He'll be recording each and every game and He'll be posting every video on If you're interested in hearing Chaox's live commentary, tune into his stream at 2pm every day:

Reginald - July 26-27,12 PST- I will be streaming and playing league of legends with indepth commentary. My commentary will focus on how to raise elo at each and every level. I'll be playing on low elo and high elo accounts and explaining concepts that are great at each elo.

Rainmain - July 30-31 - Rainman vs the community - 1v1 coaching/marathon - TheRainMan will be playing 1v1 with all challengers! He'll be explaining lane concepts through the streaming. TheRainman will be doing it from 2pm to 6pm PST on each day. People will be able challenge the TheRainMan through his channel in the LoL client on the channel named "the rain fan". There will be 5 Solomid Shirts up for grabs, If you RainMan, you'll win a shirt.

Xpecial - August 5th/7th - 12 PST- Xpecial will be giving live lessons on stream on August 6th for learning the support role. He'll be explaining the basics and high level concepts of competitive play as a support player. On August 7th, Xpecial will be hosting in houses for all fans to come and play. You'll be able to enter these games through irc.

TheOddOne- He'll be writing a jungle guide and explain indepth details on how to improve as a jungle player. TheOddone will also be making a commentary video on jungling for runes and masteries for each jungle champion. The video will provide specific runes,masteries and certain jungle routes. He'll also be talking about the strengths and weaknesses of each jungle champion.

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